by David Fleming

Getting used to the idea of the oil peak was the easy part. The hard part, starting now, is facing up to how big this thing is going to be.

It will mean deep and lengthening energy shocks affecting (first) oil and (later) gas and the electricity grid. It will…

by Giovanni Ciarlo. An excerpt from ‘Ecovillages Around the World’

After fourteen years living as a nomadic tribe of roving artists, we began building our ecovillage in 1982. During our travels, we learned to put on theatrical productions and took on mysterious names like The Hathi Babas Transit Ashram, and then The Illuminated Elephants, a traveling theatre community. Members who…

By Albert Bates

Ecological and Regenerative Living in a One Planet World

Series: Ecological Design for Sustainable and Regenerative Futures. Read about this series below.

Assume that, all of a sudden, we were to awaken to the existential threat posed by our addiction to exponential growth as an economic prerequisite. What changes in our arrangements might, even at this late hour, offer…

Excerpt from the ‘Ecological Dimension’ of Gaia Education’s online course in ‘Design for Sustainability

Permaculture history and context

The term Permaculture was created by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren in 1978 in Australia, to describe a design-based approach to creating a permanent agriculture as a system that can support cultures with permanence. In its widest sense, it is an approach to creating sustainable and…

by Giovanni Ciarlo

Copyright @artisano — From Makati/Philippines

The current education paradigm holds the idea that the sole purpose of education is to educate individuals within their particular society, to prepare and train them for work in an economy that integrates people into the national cultural reality and passes on to them the values and morals of that…

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